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Ladies, The only people to walk on the moon and plant a flag is good old USA over 40 years ago the same dudes that built the airplane and B707/B747....... Even Branson built his space craft rockets here in Mojave on an FAA "Experimental operating certificate" crashed one killed a guy and kept going.Try that with the Idiots at CASA.

I hear the Australian Space agency is still doing an SMS risk analysis (after 40 years) about going to the moon but there seems to be systemic risk in the matrix of something going wrong. This is why Australia will always be a backwater getting nothing done except back stabbing and more and more rules and restrictions. You don't have Chuck and Larry who will jump in any airplane or rocket and have a go, your too busy wringing your hands "what if ".
Have another go JetGo and another one after that with different equipment its how you become great.................. But Watch your back down under.
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