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Hey guys, was looking for some thoughts from guys who have applied and been unsuccessful but kept going and eventually got in. Tempted to apply again this year but not entirely sure what I would do differently. For reference Iím a 30 year old current short haul FO with long haul experience also and have around 3500h tt.

Basically I got to stage 1 first time and last year got through to stage 2. I didnít feel the group ex went that well, but we worked together okay and the rest of the group thought it went fine. When it came to the interview Iíd go as far as to say I left the room thinking it was the best interview Iíd ever had, had answers to all their questions etc and was confident, one thing I didnít really do was push the whole ĎBA is my dreamí etc etc. That said, everyone seemed to leave their interviews feeling it went well. But I really felt Iíd done enough to get to the sim.

Anyway, a week or so later got a PFO and somewhat decided after that, that maybe BA just wasnít the airline for me but now almost 12 months has passed I am tempted once again to have another go.

I suppose what I want to know is, what would the guys who have failed then subsequently passed say the main reason was? Is it luck of the draw as to who is interviewing you? I really struggle to see what it exactly is they are looking for, which is why I am a bit cautious about applying again.

Thoughts appreciated.
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