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Originally Posted by Busdriver01 View Post

Is there any reference material for potential new joiners to read about JSS? I feel to join with eyes wide open requires a complete understanding of what the rosters will look like / are capable of looking like since that’s such a huge part of the lifestyle aspect. PM me if you would rather not put anything in the public...

One of the major major gripes ATM is there is simply isn't acomprehensive manual/reference material for anybody, be they new joiner or established employee. There was a vaguely useful very small iBook issued a while back but things have moved on and (as witnesses by the earlier comments) the rules keep changing...and even with a manual in front of you working with JSS is a bit like programming in a new langauge (coding in modern speak) I suspect you wouldn't learn much until you had been able to play with the interface (either the IMHO rather poor BA one, or the IMHO subscription paid better one available for ipads) and seen the result of your bidding commands.

Currently most "education" is being done via in house yammer conversations, posts on the BALPA forum, or drop in sessions at crew report or simply by word of mouth around the network/over a beer or coffee on a trip

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