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Originally Posted by zed3 View Post
Oh dear... normally using LBA, where the security control is very efficient, we are due to use MAN in June. We fly MAN-LHR-SEZ with BA. Training it over the Pennines the day before and staying at the Radisson and with a 1230 deep to LHR, I am now not looking forward to the event, even in Club World. I am an experienced traveller and think I have made a mistake, via Schiphol would have been easier!
The truth remains to be seen... One lives and learns.
That some random Billy in the world's 53rd busiest airport can make up their own standards for this stuff is a simple indication that it really isn't all that important. It isn't like we're discussing anything fundamental like road signs or drug safety standards, or so many other things that can actually kill people if we don't get them just right.

I would suggest taking your laptop charger out and putting it on a tray.

It seems far more proportionate than changing your travel plans.

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