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Originally Posted by JulietSierra6 View Post
For any potential joiners, remember there are thousands of BA pilots that do not post on this forum. Thatís not to say they are all 100% happy but despite the fall in Tís & Cís of recent years many still find it to be one of the best jobs in the country. Itís all circumstance dependant. Weíve a lot to fight to maintain and try to get back in some cases, but people above making out that Ryanair of all places is now the better option is (for the vast majority) frankly nonsense.

Iíve only been in a few years and itís not perfect, but generally Iím happy, I have taken an early command, live close to my home base (Sussex flying club), fly about 650-700 hours a year and spend a lot of time with my young family. I have a huge variety of options available to me should my circumstances change.

Come in with your eyes open and remember youíre joining a seniority airline towards the later end of a recruitment bulge, but donít base your decision entirely on the unbalanced views above.

How are the ďaboveĒ posts unbalanced ? The poster has worked for both BA and Ryanair. I suspect you havenít but I could be wrong.
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