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Originally Posted by Cloudtopper View Post

Back it up ol boy.

What is the the reason the donk failed. What do you do when the second fails - while dumping - while you send your beloved Acars to your ops .

Do you not brief these type of scenarios before take off.
Are you familiar with your AFM.

First of all Im not your old boy.
Second Im familiar with my AFM thank you.
Third we brief a catastrophic failure and immediate return and not the other 1327 scenarios.

Boeing prohibits auto land when overweight on the type I fly.
That may be an important consideration in the event of further cascading failures.
Your departure airport may not be the best choice to return to for a myriad of reasons.
An uncontained faikure followed by an uncontrollable fire would be a reason for immediate overweight return.
Anything else which may prevent you from continuing to your destination would require additional analysis and decision making which requires time.
The world famous Thompson bird incident caught on tape is a prime example as to why I would decide to dump fuel to land below max landing weight.
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