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Originally Posted by FFMAN View Post
Look out flyers - another piece of Manchester only 'we do it better / properly here' nonsense appears to have been launched.
Been through T3 and they now want laptop chargers taken out of bags and put into trays. The number of trays that you need now for a simple processing is laughable compared to other airports.
Other members of the team arrived from Heathrow and Dublin and nobody had experienced the same at those airports.
Prepare yourselves
The fact that they advise (SHOUT) of up to an hour wait time if your items need a secondary search is a complete joke too. Why Manchester Airport continues to have so many additional rules on top of the DfT is absurd. No wonder passengers (even frequent flyers) can never get the routine right when MAN airport impose ever changing differences.

A reply from the DfT about MAN security explains that they can implement additional criteria and rules on screening in what they feel necessary. So long as it complies to their minimum standards. So then, why does no other airport feel the need these additional "rules"? I then find that concerning. Either these other UK airports are not doing checks properly or MAN airports equipment and search procedure is not up to scratch...

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