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Originally Posted by nawafshrf View Post
Thank you for the comments. Being a non-us citizen do you think I can own an N-registered plane? OTHH-OOMS-VAAH seems like a good idea. Avoiding PAK airspace will result into a long ocean crossing right? Maybe when I get my training done along with IFR, will be in a good position to plan the routes along with alternatives.
The N-registered plane has to be held by an American entity, this can be your US trust, so just search on the net on 'US trust for N-registered aircraft', or search in this forum to get all the answers necessary. It is very common practice and thousands of N-reg aircraft in the world are using this legal vehicle.

Yes, avoiding PAK airspace is a long ocean crossing. There was an article in the ABS, American Bonanza Society on that route some time ago. I'll have to look up when to give the reference.
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