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I donít fly the 737 these days but do fly another Boeing type. Both of my previous airlines have come extremely close to crashing Boeing, aircraft on two engine go-arounds, probably closer than either airline has ever come to an accident. Both times with pilots with 10+ years on type. To me there are four reasons why this happened

1. The Boeing go-around automation is overly complex, especially when going around at anything other than minima.
2. The FCTM and FCOM are very vague about go-arounds and really only cater for going around at minimums. Given the number of go-around accidents and incidents on Boeing types, you would thing that Boeing, would be all over these issues.
3. Very little training on go-arounds by many airlines other than going around at minimums. Lots of talk about airmanship and hand flying but not much black and white guidance and simulator practice.
4. Very few go arounds flown in a year. My previous airline was doing about one, per airframe, per year.

So, to me it isnít surprising that trainers, train all sorts of things, wires get crossed, pilots get confused, land off unstable approaches because they donít know how to go-around and even crash off go-arounds. Itís all a big training issue. Going around does not seem to be a big issue on Airbus, types.
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