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Engine options

Admittedly we only have one UK manufacturer for aero engines but I do hope that if future aircraft are going to be equipped with RR engines the contract ensures that the use of concessions and DDRs is prohibited. UK MoD pays a lot for the engines they have in their aircraft and the price is the same irrespective of how many concessions and DDRs RR apply to them. I very much doubt thare are any engines currently in service that actually comply with original design specification. RR churn out any old rubbish and apply concessions and DDRs to cover the deficiencies/defects. Supposedly overhauled engines have parts that don't conform to the limits routinely installed. Engines returned to RR for repair are routinely returned to service with defects that have not been rectified. New build engines frequently have concessions applied to non-conforming parts and DDRs incorrectly applied to new parts. Unfortunately the contracts to supply engines permit these behaviours.

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