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Originally Posted by Centaurus View Post
After disconnecting the AP why the blinding hurry to re-select the AP and FD when surely any competent pilot would go "Click Click" and simply hand fly? This would minimize the well known risk of mis-selection of multiple modes? That was the message behind that splendid Children of the Magenta Line briefing, still valid from over 20 years ago.
I guess you havenít flown a 737. All go arounds are manual unless you are conducting a dual autopilot approach to autoland, so I donít see your point.

I donít disagree that a competent pilot ought know how to hand fly all flight regimes safely.

But pressing TOGA resets the flight director for goaround, and apart from pitch guidance also provides LNAV goaround guidance to take you around those mountains from the RNP-AR approach you were just doing.

If you were doing an ILS you will still have to either press TOGA or reset NAVís as described.

Hand flying simply because you donít understand the automatics does not make you a competent pilot. In my experience, it tends to makes the situation worse. I can think of a couple of 737 fatalities to support this theory.
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