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Stan Woolley
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Originally Posted by boofhead View Post
That was a rare success story indeed. but smallpox has not been eradicated, it is still held in some labs around the world and if it escapes we have no immunity any longer nor are there enough stocks of the vaccine to protect more than a few million of us. We might have created a time bomb. There are still people with polio, and many diseases cannot be stopped even with vaccinations. Do we quit? Of course not.

Can we be sure that this can be properly studied or do we get told that we are anti vaxxers if we ask?

Its 2019 and I suspect the respective answers to these questions are ‘No’ and ‘Definitely’.
Wikipedia appears to be the place a lot of people turn to for factual information regarding Vaccinations. Personally I would doubt anything written on Wikipedia where any controversial topic is concerned. And for emotional responses, the vaccination topic is near the very top! People state with certainty all sorts of historical ‘facts’ which appear to support their view of things. I started out a sceptic, now, unfortunately, I’m more cynical than that.

In a a world where I know from personal experience how messed up things can be, (just look around) it’s getting more difficult to be sure of anything at all. Even real ‘experts’ get things wrong all the time, truth is difficult to pin down. I would suggest that anyone who says anything with certainty about complex topics should be doubted. I’m beginning to see that being called a conspiracy theorist, an anti-vaxxer, a RussianBot or an anti-Semite is something that comes with the territory if you happen to think asking questions is important. The irony is that you are likely to be called such names by those that have reached a certainty about most things in life.

Anyway, I think this is an interesting video about Science and Scientists. I don’t think I’m anti-science btw.

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