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Originally Posted by layman View Post
To understand the impact of disease on an unprotected population you could do worse than read about the 'great dying' in the Americas.

As a starting point, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nati..._and_epidemics

Estimates vary, but the 'average' is that about 90% of the pre-European population in north, central & south-America, died- about 55 million people.
Same thing happened in Hawaii after Capt. Cook showed up - again estimates of 80-90% of the pre-contact natives died.
I used to work with a guy that had polio - he was lucky, he still had enough movement that he could function and walk short distances (with the help of a cane), but it was tough I suspect he'd have something to say regarding vaccines, like wishing the polio vaccine had been available 20 years earlier...
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