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Natural immunity protected us before vaccines. We don't live natural lives any more. The little ones got protection through their mother's milk. They also got mild cases of the diseases that surround us when young, and developed a life-long immunity. Now they get a worse case, probably mutated, and suffer more. An example is the nut allergy. Something that did not happen. It is suggested that everyone has some form of allergy to certain nuts but eating a few of them when young develops resistance. Similar to the way people from Asia are allergic to cows milk. If a parent (and society) bans nuts so that a kid never eats any she will not develop this immunity and then when a teenager eats one nut and dies.

I am angry with myself for forcing my daughters to have the Gardisil shots. Now I learn that there might be serious problems for them later in life, and that the shots, contrary to what I was told, need to be repeated frequently to be effective against the type of cancer they were promoted to prevent. Chemicals are dangerous. People who think they are smarter than the rest of us are dangerous too. I know there are side-effects from vaccinations; I have seen them. Does that mean the shots should not be used? Is it better to protect against major diseases that might appear at the risk of some side-effects that cause minor problems? Even if some kids die from those side-effects? Does the government have the right to make those decisions for us? What if, for example, the government made a law that a girl of any age, even as young as 13, could get a free abortion without any medical reason, just for convenience, without telling her parents? Would any government actually do that? (hint; yes they would).

Sometimes the disease is artificial such as autoimmune and vaccine-induced, which to the unvaccinated are serious problems but which would not exist if there were no vaccines in the first place. Create the disease then make money protecting against it? Or even invent a disease and make money selling a product that they say protects you? (have you ever seen the tv ads in the US promoting weird-sounding drugs for crazy diseases? Proof that it happens!).

Here is just one article about this problem, I think it makes sense but you are free to disagree:

Vaccine policies make us susceptible to these diseases. There is certainly something about the various chemicals associated with the vaccines that have been shown to cause health problems. The Measles shot is one that is particularly called out for being ineffective and for causing health problems. Only about one quarter of those who have the vaccination are protected. The flu shot is always found to be ineffective because it is a crapshoot if they choose the right mix of viruses so you get, at best, partial protection. The best protection is a healthy immune system. Can anyone argue against that?

The real reason there is a spike in diseases in the US (and in Europe) is allowing diseased people without medical checks of any kind unlimited access to the country; useful idiots pick them up and take them to 'asylum' states or cities where they infect the locals. What do you expect to happen? Stupid is as stupid does.

What it does prove is that the vaccines do not always work against the diseases. The vaccines are set to whatever the disease was at the time it was made but meanwhile the disease has mutated and the vaccines don't work any longer. Does a vaccine developed in the US many years ago protect against the strain coming from South America? Do we know? Would we be told? It might work somewhat, but is it effective? Do you choose to give it to your kids even if there is a chance it will cause harm because you believe what you are told?

If the vaccines did work, why would you be afraid of people with the disease? You should be immune, right?

Don't just pile on those with genuine concerns about the safety of vaccinations; there might be something happening there that we don't yet know about. After all, you could ask yourself if Big Government (and Big Pharma) would lie to you?
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