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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
Seeing as how this is JB, I believe Westy was engaging in our popular pastime of nit-picking.

"Selects" "Chooses" "Nominates" "Appoints" "Blesses" Take your choice. The President determines SC replacements.The Senate gets to whine and pontificate. The media obsesses with digging up dirt.
Disagree, distinction with difference. To the casual observer one might believe from Racedo's post (since corrected) that there's no additional steps when that's clearly not the truth. Not everyone here is conversant on the pathway to SCOTUS and when an error in the process is noted it should be corrected. This isn't simply a matter of nitpicking Racedo's choice of wording, it corrected a falsehood.

It's now corrected, time to move on

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