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Pitts, it desn't really matter very much since with the downturn, BRS would always have had some idle aircraft. As a result of the 225 grounding, the S-92 fleet was virtually fully utilised. But had there been 225s available, some would have been in the operational client mix leaving some S-92s idle. Therefore BRS would have had some idle aircraft regardless of type, all operators did and still do in fact.

Of the 27 EC225s in the BRS fleet, 16 were owned (by BRS owned leasing companies) and 11 were leased. 13 were in Aberdeen, 9 in Australia and 5 in Norway.

Quote from the SEC 10Q filing on 3 Aug 2017:

"It is too early to determine whether the H225LP accident that occurred in Norway in April 2016 will have a material impact on us as we are in the process of quantifying the impact and investigating potential claims against Airbus."

If you wish to trawl through all of the SEC filings to obtain information, try EDGAR


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