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Thanks for the comments Piper.Classique! I will be starting the lessons soon and start building hours before getting my plane.

Originally Posted by ChickenHouse View Post
If you are looking for a Bonanza I would advice to put it on US N-registration. You can do your PPL and should be able to let validate the FAA it as a US pilots license (look up FAA 'piggyback' license and '61.75 based on foreign license'). An US registration will enable you to get the best maintenance coverage if you fly log distance with a Bonanza.

For flying Qatar to India I suspect instrument rating IR will be mandatory to do that in a feasible manner. You also may most probably require tip tanks on your Bonanza to extend range to safe 1,000+nm. Flying Pakistani airspace is almost a NoGo area. One route frequently flown by GA aircraft is OOMS Muscat, Oman, to VAAH Ahmedabad, a whopping 990nm leg, which is about 7 to 8 flying hours leg in a Bonanza.

Ahmedabad has become quite nice as an airport, but generally speaking flying to Gujarat can be depressing, not many airfields, strong bureaucracy, expensive, most of the times you will have trouble getting Avgas for the Bonanza and pay outrageous prices.
Thank you for the comments. Being a non-us citizen do you think I can own an N-registered plane? OTHH-OOMS-VAAH seems like a good idea. Avoiding PAK airspace will result into a long ocean crossing right? Maybe when I get my training done along with IFR, will be in a good position to plan the routes along with alternatives.
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