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Originally Posted by megan View Post
so can't see why the 206B-1 couldn't be put on the civil register.
Most countries that operate under ICAO or are part of a Bi-Lateral Treaty use the aircraft's existing Type Certification from its "country of origin" as the basis for importation/registration/certification. The B-1 as no eligible serial numbers listed under the FAA Type Certificate (TCDS H2SW) which invalidates the TC for the B-1.

Unless the importing/certifying country has a specific process within their civil aviation regs to certify an aircraft without a valid TC, they would have to type certify the aircraft. In my limited experience within a dozen countries or so, I've never run across a CAA that permitted this on the civilian side. As an FYI: the 58 has eligible S/Ns under H2SW along with specific requirements to make the TC valid on 58s.

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