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Originally Posted by treadigraph View Post
Never owned a Mark III Spit but drove one occasionally and it was fun!
The Spitfire (and the Herald) was a car that took no prisoners, because of the "quirky" rear suspension resulting in "individual" handling characteristics.
Having been used to rear wheel drive, but in cars with a solid back axle and fairly forgiving crossply tyres, the "swing axle" rear suspension of those little Triumphs came as a real surprise to me.
If you backed off the power one iota in a corner, the outer wheel tended to "tuck under", putting the tyre right on its outer edge. If you pushed the car too hard the tread of that outer tyre would lift right off the road. After the resulting spin you would see that there was "road rash" on the outer sidewall of the outer tyre!
The way to drive them properly around a corner is "slow in, fast out". I've never forgotten that lesson because it also works on all rwd cars and motorcycles, too.
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