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Learning to drive in the mid-80's and keen to avoid paying extortionate insurance, I started off with a couple of old clunkers with the third party fire and theft option. With the first one I bought the manual for the car, for the second one I got a manual with it which saved some time as I just looked for the oily pages to work out what had been done recently.

Did have a couple of issues, a minor (to my eyes anyway) replacement job suddenly included the instruction "now remove the splunge bracket as described in chapter 6" (which was the gearbox chapter, something I kept well away from). The other was when I changed some suspension part with a rubber bush attached, half way through the instruction read "measure the compression of the bush using the gauge (part number)" which I didn't have) "or fold a piece of stiff card and cut a rectangle 2 3/4 inches high and tighten the bold until the piece of cardboard fits over the compressed bush....".

i guess it taught me to read all the way to the end before starting, still there seemed to be a few too many "reassembly is the reverse of removal".

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