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Some newbie questions on GA Flying

Hello Everyone!
I have some questions that have been in my head for quite some time now.
A brief intro about myself, I'm an Indian residing here in the state of Qatar. It was my dream from when I can remember to own and fly my airplane (Im in love with those bonanzas ) and I'm going to take the baby step and start with the PPL in the coming months of this year and build hours to move into a high performance single. Below are my questions.
1) My prospective Bonanza A36 will be needing maintenance which is scarce to find here in the middle east, I will be looking forward to doing the same as well as some vacationing somewhere in Europe. Is this a feasible option? what will be the route plan like taking into account that Qatari registered aircrafts cannot overfly some GCC countries and those war and conflict zones? for example a flight plan for my A36 from Doha to Paris?
2) What will be the safe route from Qatar to the nearest airport in India keeping in mind that I will be flying a single piston?
3) Can I register my aircraft in India and base my plane in the state of Qatar? The advantage being that I wont be having any restrictions to fly into GCC neighboring countries.

Hope I can get some light on the above. Thank you guys.
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