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Originally Posted by FlyingStone View Post
Good for you, but there are worse companies on this planet to work for than Wizz Air...
it's an European airline not banana air.... so it is normal to have some standards and basic commun sence expectations.. if you relate to the worst than.. yes there will always be a company that is worst than other. However.. human nature is to strive for better...or at least this is how I see things.

Originally Posted by Skipping Classes View Post
Well... The bottom line of all this discussion, is that Wizzair is the company where even the employees (pilots that is) think it is OK to bend the contracts, avoid taxes, disrespect the labour laws and just fire anybody who would like to form a trade union. Apparently everybody who joins Wizz Air knows it from the start.

It is funny that types like Soundless have proven my point exactly with their flaming posts in this thread.

Sad, that those pilots who stayed in Wizz Air long enough or never worked for another airline, truly start to believe that what's going on in the company is the norm and are somehow convinced that they are - I quote - "living as a king".

And basically yes - in Wizz Air this is the name of the game, and its up to each and every individual to decide whether you want to be a part of it.
That is a Spot on argument!

Originally Posted by 2unlimited View Post
Circus Wizz never ends.

I am looking forward to see who are going to fly all their aircraft soon. Floating Cabin Crew in Luton, because they are to cheap to pay people proper salary.
Constant tax avoidance / evasion for their crews.
Enjoy your crew meals on your 13 hour duty days, never mind the hotel accommodation.
I know of contractors taking over 800 Euros a day, and they name their own schedule, and works when they want.
And all of these contractors are just waiting for better jobs, thats why they dont join Wizz.

The rapid expansion is a massive issue for Wizz, you have low experienced Captains flying with low experienced FO's.

Need I say anything more?
) you preatty much said it all.

Originally Posted by Skipping Classes View Post
You know what's funny? You guys are getting all worked up and personal because you don't like to hear the facts.

I don't see anybody here protesting that whatever was said about Wizz Air was incorrect; you just tell us that saying these facts publically is somehow saying 'shit' about Wizzair and is not appropriate.

Please if you want to tell me that anything I said about Wizzair is factually incorrect - do that, I would be glad to discuss it.

Otherwise you are just angry that somebody thinks that shit smells bad, while you love it.
Nobody can say you are factually incorrect, because you are NOT. I don't agree with insults as they benefit no one, but I agree with everything elese you posted so far on this topic and I trully think people should open their eyes and read carefully what you say as nothing and I repeat norhing you said so far was incorrect.
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