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Originally Posted by ShotOne View Post
So why would they continue to run them then?? The routes were and continue to be entirely busy and profitable. Tens of thousands of British holidaymakers are still spending their hard-earned pounds to fly on them; the only change is now much of the revenue and all of the employment is diverted abroad.
I’m guessing that the cost of flagging out those bases is less than the cost of running them inhouse otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. Thus reverting to inhouse will reduce the profitability- hopefully not by enough to make them unattractive to operate, but unfortunately that is a likely consequence. With a finite fleet size it may well be all about the relative profits of different routes, not profit v loss. Of course a lot of it will depend on how the bean counters assign internal costs - they can always show something to be profitable or loss making to suit their agenda.
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