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Sadly that unity doesn't exist at BA - we're all doing different jobs (PP24/34, SH/LH, junior/senior, LGW/LHR). It'll get a lot worse before people start to push back here.
Completely agree. Which is why it is bittersweet seeing the faux militancy from some BA pilots who are on very good contracts with senior LH positions and pensions over 50% of their junior counterparts could only dream of shout loudly for strike action. Ask a senior chap/ess about the conditions for those at the bottom of the pile....."no idea, but I did my time down thereĒ is often the response. And itís that apathy and myopia which has made our T&Cs so hard to defend from the present management culture.

Its very easy to blame Balpa - about as easy as not having any interest in anything that doesnít affect you, like BARP, like PP34, like the demise of BA SH as a sustainable career choice.

We wonít go on strike because we have no unity left. I believe in the past we had some. We must have, as I joined at the beginning of the current decade and was impressed at what my predecessors had preserved for my generation of new joiners. I canít say Iíd join today and think the same.

All IMHO, and Iím sure some senior folk will be along to deride such a view of the BA pilot workforce, but Iím afraid many of my colleagues need to wake up and glance beyond the end of their nose. Things can and will get a lot worse if we donít find some way of pulling together in the same direction - I really hope we are finally at that point.
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