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Originally Posted by Tobias0501 View Post
Although the salary can be attractive, itís not the reason I want to do it! Itís been a dream as a child and I love flying and a job where youíre flying all the time, travelling to different places, on a big jet would be awesome! Itís just the getting there to be qualified and in a job!

iím keeping my eye out for sponsorships ect, but considering doing a ppl for now to give me a head start!
I wasn't necessarily implying that money is one of the best things about an aviation career, I wouldn't know since I'm still saving up myself. However, the unfortunate reality is that, with the exception of a couple of mentored/sponsored programs, you'll need to be able to fund your training. I'd say you'd want to be saving at least £1k per month, even then it'll take you a couple of years before you can realistically start. Some people take out unsecured loans to cover part of the training, though I'd say there is a risk to that. Basically, you're going to need a good job to fund your training, the railway is one of the career options I'd recommend for that, it also helps that in itself it is a relatively fun place to be and will offer some great examples for interview questions.
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