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This astonishing, and illustrates why anyone who is thinking of booking travel to the EU by surface or air needs to take a deep breath and hold off until after the Brexit brinkmanship is finished.

Eurotunnel have been quite happy to tell us to book on their services and that everything will be fine post Brexit, then today we find that it has just been agreed that in the event of no deal on 29th March the EU has a greed a 3 month breathing space in which to put in place new agreements. Unbelievable! As it stands it's quite conceivable that people who have booked their two weeks in the sun in July to travel.

I imagine the airlines and tour operators are being similarly blase in taking bookings, with no certainty they'll be able to carry out their contract with the hapless customer.

I'm leaving these shores tomorrow, by Eurotunnel for a couple of weeks - and haven't booked, and have no intention of booking, anything else until the political brinkmanship and playing with people's lives is settled.
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