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Originally Posted by Capt Ecureuil View Post
But that's been going on for the last 30 plus years so hardly new, except the SH fleet wasn't Airbus if that's a consideration.

(DEP who joined straight on the most senior fleet at the time)
Yes itís been going on but not in the numbers weíre seeing right now. In a year where there are potentially 350 recruits less than 100 airbus FOís have valid moves elsewhere (at last count) suggesting that the majority of this yearís recruits will be going to the long haul fleets. Thatís wrong and itís in complete contrast to the recruitment teamís assertion that the A320 is the primary recruitment fleet. Iím not even moaning necessarily about a longer wait for long haul, itís stopping the junior guys in the Airbus RHS from moving up their respective list and getting better bidding power. It shafts every airbus FO in its own little way in complete isolation, but of course the company couldnít give a sh1t about Short Haul and even less about SH FOís so it doesnít matter.

I genuinely donít aim this at and bear no ill will towards people who take a DEP position on the Long Haul fleets, Iíd do exactly the same in their position and would have done had it been offered. What I didnít count on in accepting a SH offer was the majority of recruitment after me being on the long haul fleets and not only slowing down the move to Long Haul but not even seeing the benefit of better rosters in the meantime in a time of mass recruitment. Buyers remorse.

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