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I've been involved in quite a few airline take-overs, restructurings and sales. The golden rules are:

1. Get a credible team. That means people who have actually and successfully run airlines at CEO level.
2. Get a solid plan which details how much money you need and when you need it. A range of "$100m-$800m" as quoted by Unsworth suggests you're clueless.
3. Be clean and clear of any financial irregularities, real or imaginary (see many postings above!)
4. Know what you are doing - so you understand airline valuations (of which the fleet is only one part - debt? Forward sales? Pension liabilities? Aircraft PDPs?)
5. And above all - KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL - don't do it on social media!

I would say Unsworth and Oleg score 0/5 on these rules.

Oleg seems to be trying to flog Sukhoi Superjets to the mentally feeble and terminally gullible as well - bet that's his wonderful plan for TC....
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