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Originally Posted by Daily Dalaman Dave View Post
At what point during the process can you state a preference for SH/LH, and when are you told whether you’ve got LH/SH? Im potentially interested for the future but SH wouldn’t work for me.

Is it a case of being willing to jack in the current job, joining (if they’d have me) then just keeping fingers crossed?
I didn't get a chance to express a preference for LH/SH - and nor do I think it would be wise to voice one.

I was in a similar situation as you - I wouldn't have been able to accept SH due to family commitments and the long commute. I took the view that I would just go through the motions and see what I was offered, then make up my mind. I'm not sure either party benefit from this and it would seem sensible for both to state their intentions from the outset; but what do I know.

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