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I come from abit of a tricky background and struggling to see how to fund the training. I work in a small shop on an okay salary, but have weekly rotas, so working 2 jobs is nearly impossible, and with that there isnít a huge amount of part time work in my area to be able to go too.

My parents split, and cost a fortune to my dad, which is who I live with. And barely have a connection to my mum these days (not that she could fund it).

I have to pay a subsantial amount of rent due to my dad being retired, this means that what i can save monthly is very very little (sub £500).

Being a pilot has been my dream ever since a young lad, and as time progresses, I feel less and less likely that my dream could come true..

If BBVA were still around with the loans, iíd probably be on flight training right now. But because of the sheer lack of funding available itís not an option.

(Not looking for sympathy, more advice if you were in my situation!)
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