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Originally Posted by Chopz View Post
Hi all,

I am 34 years old, married with three kids. Recently I applied for a position with Airservices Australia as an ATC trainee and was unsuccessful, it seems that my 49% spatial vision did not get me across the line. Anyway, moral of the story is that I was devastated. Always wanted to be a pilot but never pursued it as quite frankly I did not have the money. Recently I found out that there is now the possibility of getting student loans to fund a decent portion of the training, I would love to do it but it is obviously a big leap and I was hoping some of you guys/gals can help me out.

My questions are:

1. Is 34 too old to consider flight training? I would love to one day be a long haul pilot, is it realistic? I have heard that due to this pilot shortage that new pilots have been recruited in their 40ís, is this actually true?

2. In the last 10 years I have fluctuated between 105kg - 130kg, desk jobs have not been kind. Currently I am sitting on 120kg. I know Soar Aviation state their planes have a 110kg weight limit for their introductory flights, what is the deal with other flight schools? I am about 6í2 so generally I carry weight well and donít look huge but obviously it could be an issue.

I would really appreciate your your thoughts on this, please be honest, if it is something that can only be a dream than I would rather know that now.

Looking forward to your responses.
I doubt you will have any issues with your class 1. Just look at the coffee shops at some of the major airports....

However, whilst I don't necessarily agree with it, I know a few operators who will not hire any one over 100 kegs for thier single engine piston fleet. If you happen to walk in the door and are sub 70 and have a licence you may get hired on the spot!

All this is purely down to payload available. Think a C210 with 260l is ~400kg 's available with an average pilot, a lighter person makes a big difference.

Is it right? Is it ethical? Who knows. But this can be the reality.
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