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The indigenous population is anti-immigration largely because of that imbalance in birthrates.
Does the indigenous population also understand that a workforce must be in place that earns taxes that pay for the NHS, pensions, public infrastructure etc.?

A population needs a birth rate of 2.1 in order to not shrink. That birth rate was last achieved in the UK in the early 1970s. Despite the outrageous imbalance in birth rates, the birth rate is now down to less than 1.8. Imagine how it would be without that imbalance. There are only three options for the UK to maintain its workforce:

1. Even more childbirths by foreigners.
2. Even more immigration by foreigners
3. Stimulating the "indigenous" to procreate more often / more effectively.

If none of the above can be guaranteed by Camp Brexit, I will be interested to hear how the demographic challenge can be mastered. Or is this something Camp Brexit is not interested in as they mostly belong to the older generation that will not face the full consequences in their relatively short remaining lifetime?

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Have you actually read the article? It is 100 000 jobs in Germany in total, not in the car industry. There are 44,3m people in employment in Germany, so you are talking about 0,2 per cent of all jobs. That's a surprisingly low number, given that they need us more than we need them, isn't it? And it is quite negligible, given that there are eight times more job vacancies in Germany at the moment.
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