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France still has the highest birth rate in Europe and this will remain so for the foreseeable future as decline is the norm, not the exception.

The elephant in this case is the higher birthrate amongst Muslim immigrants compared with the indigenous population. This is both a cultural issue and a financial one. The latter where child allowances and benefits make many children a career option.
That is not an elephant. It is the same in Germany or the UK. Birth rates among minorities are everywhere higher than among the inbreds. If it were different, the population - without further immigration - would be shrinking even faster.

Point of the matter is: Does the UK need more or less childbirths by foreign mothers and more or less immigration to maintain its population and, even more important, to maintain its workforce so that the ever growing denture brigade can be fed, wiped and put to bed after a day of jubilation about living in a foreigner-free land of milk and honey that outperforms the rest of the world economically.
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