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Originally Posted by av8sean View Post
As much as it seems anti-expat, I think any countryman would be offended by their local airline bypassing them for overseas talent, especially at higher wages. It's not like CI is getting the best of the best either, in terms of expats. Taiwan has a lot of skilled pilots probably looking for jobs with the ATR/MD88/military guys.
Almost all local taiwanese are trained by the airline (either CAL or EVA). There is just 1 flight school in the country and it's not an Embry Riddle size, just a small ops. There are NO surplus of skilled or high time local pilots in Taiwan. Military pilots fly very few hours and when they get to the airlines they struggle.
If an expat bypasses a local for an upgrade is usually because that local guy has few hours and lacks experience. As far as I know, all pilots on the same level (FO's, etc) make the same amount of money no matter if you are expat or local, at least in EVA is like that.
Not sure when you get your info from (unless you are in CAL).
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