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My Aero Club have just had to "attend" a lecture from a newly trained "Elf and Safety Hofficer", where we were taught not to walk into a spinning propeller.
A serious question, YorkshireTyke, but did any Aero Club member attending this lecture actually point out to the
newly trained "Elf and Safety Hofficer",
that everyone already sufficient common sense to know not to do that which he was lecturing about?

But for me, the baffling question is why on Earth was this lecture required in the first place?

Reminds me of a similar 'elf 'n safety' jobsworth who offered to carry out a 'free' safety audit at a Gliding Club here in South Australia some time ago. After completing his audit, one of his recommendations was that all people on the airfield should wear hi-viz jackets, otherwise they might get run over by a taxiing Tug Aircraft.

It was (quite forcefully) put to him that in the almost 50 years the Gliding Club had been operating a Tug aircraft, not one incident had ever occurred, not even someone walking in front of a taxiing or stationary Tug without the Tuggie observing the person concerned, and that if a Pilot failed to see anyone in front of his aircraft then that pilot should not hold a licence!

I heard that Jobsworth left the airfield in a bit of a hurry and somewhat chastened, especially after his suggestion of some small renumeration for his survey was refused, in terms that left absolutely no doubt as to the refusal! I also believe that he was offered assistance to depart the airfield!
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