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Originally Posted by Back door View Post
My father was a Flight Engineer on the 747, without a doubt his favourite aircraft to fly on.
As a boy I was so excited to fly on it, I don't think another passenger aircraft will be built that brought the sense of awe the 747 did back in1969. It's rare for me to see a 747 but when I do I still watch in admiration and a desire to once again go for a flight on the Queen of the skies.
I lived in London at the time and well remember going out to LHR especially to see the arrival of the first seven four in the country. It caused a lot of excitement.
Years later when a regular pax on the type, whenever possible, I would sit about fifteen feet behind the wing and when on short finals, would marvel at the brilliance of the wing design as with everything deployed, just about all that could be seen was grass!

Unquestionably, one of the greats.
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