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Hi, probably some people are following this thread who have been on board the Nimrod in the
1990ties? Over the years I restored some of the vintage Ferranti inertial navigation systems
and among them also two FIN1012s. Recently I got hands on a panel I guess being the
original Nimrod panel (3854/37714) I guessed having been used on the FIN1012:

Of course I know most of the functions from the FIN1010 and the accompanying, very similar
panel as it was used on Tornado, but this Nimrod panel has some additional features I'd like
to know some details on (esp. related to the upper turn knob):

(1) What is shown if PP2 is selected (obviously this means present-position-2, but what is
the second present position?)?
(2) What does the panel show if the letters I, G or M are selected?

As I discovered during my repairs, the Cal alignment takes several hours on the FIN1012 (way
more than on a FIN1010 of Tornado) but it does not update the cal values - so is there some
trick or does anybody know what has to be selected (e.g. on the D1/D2 switch) to get
the values updated?

Would be great to hear on some experiences from actual aircrew on those systems, too!

Best wishes,


P.S. If interested, you may look on my somewhat older video on the restored Tornado stuff:
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