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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
Well, since we will soon be out of the EU that rebuilding is going to be necessary.

The first thing we will need is a good architect, and the next a reliable builder. Do you have any recommendations amongst our prospective leaders?
Perhaps we should look on "checkatrade"
Yet another person who has so little faith in the abilities of the British people.

The foundations here are a lot older and much more sound. There are no 'internal border' delays. no constant rumbles of street trouble (believe it or not we actually speak to each other more than burning cars on the streets), no central threats of sanctions against any regional government, The starting point for the rebuilding is actually very good. And the British population are actually very good at getting on and doing just that.

But then there are those who have no confidence in the British people and feel that they need their hands held by their Continental cousins in order to be able to get anywhere. If you look at it all carefully there is a lot more reason to have confidence in your own people rather than in your very fractious cousins.
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