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Originally Posted by Parapunter View Post
... that revealed knotweed & subsidence once the surveyor had been round.
Several 'surveys' that I have read have shown serious cracks in the walls and questionable foundations. Founder members recalling their ambassadors. Questionable budgets and squabbles about them. Border delay within the 'free movement' area (happening right now, don't get too hung up about any future Irish border whatifery). Harmful street protests. Suggested sanctions within the 'free trade' area (with some pushing for it and some saying they will block it). The 'rise of populism' seen as a threat (well, any form of democratic expression other than those that make 'the right decisions' is a threat). Secular Sectarian religious concepts like "a special place in hell" being held by top governing officials in their official pronouncements. And much, much more.

Surely those are all clear indications that it is time to get out before it inevitably gets worse and collapses around your ears?

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