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Originally Posted by ShotOne View Post
Whatever your views on Corbyn, with 49 days to go we finally get Corbynís views on Brexit terms. And theyíre straight from la la land: Letís see, remain in customs union....but he wants a say over future EU trade deals. On what planet?? Next: Retain the European arrest warrant-even though explicitly ruled out by EU. The manís a shambles and a disgrace.
You fell at the first - heís not proposing to stay in the E.U. internal customs union, but rather create a new customs union with itís own rules (Turkey already have this). Whether the E.U. would go for rules that the U.K. would want is a good question, but initial reaction in Brussels wasnít an immediate Ďnoní like May got when she suggested renegotiating the Withdrawl Agreement. Of the other 4, May has already proposed enshrining legal protection for U.K. workers rights to remain aligned with E.U. rights, so at least some of what Corbyn suggests could have legs.
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