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Originally Posted by EXDAC View Post
This is why I am so interested in actually seeing a UK PPL with no night or instrument ratings. If it does have the actual words "Day VFR only", or similar, then flight in IMC would not be allowed using an FAA 61.75 with an instrument rating. It is not allowed, according to the regulation as written, because it is prohibited by a restriction / limitation of the base UK licence. If, however, the base UK licence grants Day VFR privileges solely because there is no night rating and no instrument rating then the 61.75 with IR would allow operation under IFR in IMC.
My UK PPL issued September 1999 does not have either the word Night or Day printed on it. (I never took either a Night or IMC Rating)
That said, my Flight Radio-Telephony Operator's Licence issued June 1999 neither has VHF or HF printed on it. Perhaps unusually(?) for a PPL I decided to obtain a full VHF/HF RTF and took the written HF exam. Initially the CAA did not fully read my application form and issued me with a VHF only (or some similar words) licence. I queried this and it was replaced with the one I have just described.
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