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It is frustrating to see yet again that airport protestors get away with it.

Personally I don't agree with the UK's treatment of deportees or the mentality of send them home and then let them appeal later. That said I don't feel the need to break my way into an airport to district everyone and anyone else using that airport that day to force others to see that I'm unhappy. There are other ways they can challenge the government on these issues. The fact that the UK treats deportees badly and has a harsh immigration system is hardly a secret anymore after recent years. They can't claim it's to raise everyone knows about it.

Anyway all of that aside. Why do we have aviation bylaws if they are not enforced? I have to go through a background check with full 5 year history and references to get an airside ID and have to repeat that process every few years. Not to mention passing my GSAT and other recurring training to be let airside. Before all that I have an escorted pass and can't leave my chaparone. I did once, by mistake, and both of us got read the riot act and had our passes revoked for a week. This was despite both of us clearing security at the airport and both being long time employees known to the airport (I was awaiting a new pass as my other one had expired). I'm told that it's a critical part of an airport and no one unauthorised should be there and there are consequences if someone is found in an area they aren't mean to be in...yet apparently I could just cut a hole in a fence if I want to be near a plane and no one will do anything about it. It doesn't add up. Why have they been let off so lightly?

I don't care about the commercial loss to those affected or really care if someone misses something due to a delayed flight. All annoying and yes, these idiots should pay the price financially too, but it's the principal of it all. Airports are meant to be secure and trespassing is meant to be a serious offence, punishable by law. It's not treated at all seriously in the UK. Anyone can break and enter and airport and essentially get away with it.
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