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Originally Posted by virginblue View Post
That story is really a non-starter. Almost every manager has performance-based elements in his/her salary package. That does not mean that bonuses are paid no matter what. When COW signed her contract, she was handed an incentive to turn Flybe into a cash cow. She failed (not unexpectedly so), so no bonus and end of story.
Agree. However, she may have a bonus for selling the company. We will never know.

Originally Posted by DC3 Dave
Absolutely right. With reciprocal arrangements granted. If only Brexit negotiations were conducted by people like you who can articulate a solution in around 50 words. But then again, exactly how much can you charge for 1 minute of common sense?
I'm not a brexiteer, by any stretch of the imagination. However, when and If the UK does leave there is nothing to stop the UK government adopting similar ownership rules for airlines as Australia does - there are no nationality requirements. That would effectively retain the status-quo with IAG, Ryanair, easyJet, Virgin and Connect having their respective UK divisions as part of a larger EU controlled & owned group.
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