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Originally Posted by FRYVA View Post
Hello folks,

Couple of quick questions...

a) I have recently been offered an interview date 2 weeks or so back but whenever I try to click on a date there is nothing there (“No entries so far”). Any top tips for actually getting a foot in the door here?

b) I have c.6000 total with A320, A330/A350 on my licence (despite never flying the A350 but, alas...) . Current on both. To be blunt, knowing what I do I have zero interest in SH at BA. Any idea what fleet I would likely be offered? And, if for example, I was offered the A350, what, if any, is the chances of the old bait and switch before starting onto the A320?

Many thanks in advance 👍🏻

I would expect you to be offered the A320 with a seniority number of around 4600
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