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Originally Posted by SASless View Post
If I hit the Lottery this week I will take some of the proceed and buy it.

Then I would buy a bunch of cardboard boxes that easily fit into two outstretched hands....and clean out all the useless management and get the business back to working like a real helicopter company.

First to go would be the HR Department....every last one of them.....and get back to a small Admin section.

Closely following them would be the drones that have created paperwork empires for themselves.

It would look like a Bowling Alley with all the Heads rolling about the place.

That wee callow fellow from the Shetland Islands would have a set of yellow footprints to stand on in front of my Desk all day long.

Instead of a Bentley parked out front....it would be a Diesel 4WD Pickup truck.
Nice, I'd vote for you. I'd get the HR department to sack all the dead wood then sack each other. You could actually webcast it on pay-per-view and make a few bucks too as plenty would want to watch. ;-)
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