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Originally Posted by Samsonite View Post
Votes are nothing without action and you shouldn't have to be lead by the hand to do that, I don't see anything happening. That is the state of this group of employees, all talk, no action, always blaming someone else, scared to stand up for themselves and always want someone else to do the dirty work for them.
The worm has turned. For the first time the pilots have OVERWHELMINGLY rejected a company offer and the AOA recommendation to accept it. This is new territory for the management and will need a new approach and departure from their victorian management style. Unfortunately, their entire management team was brought up on such a style so a change is needed from top to toe. Watch this space. The pilots need to just sit tight. Aeroplanes can fly without managers, checkin staff, admin people, cabin crew and directors but they can't fly without PILOTS and CX is still an airline ( just ) and needs planes in the sky.
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