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Originally Posted by morningcoffee View Post
The NC would have a lot easier job negotiating with the company if the membership would step things up. Sadly with a spineless membership we vote no and then do absolutely everything but step it up. We ditch DS because he suggested we need to grow a pair?
If this is anything like TA16 the company won’t offer anything else and only 10 guys a month will leave unlike the hundreds a month that everyone talks about. Seen how many have resigned from the AOA recently because they’ve left the company? CX will get around the training ban and save a truckload of money every time we vote down a payrise.

Next up we’ll bleat about more trainers needing to resign and push for a recruitment ban, anything to avoid actually doing anything ourselves.

We barely get enough to volunteer to fill the GC and no one wants the Presidents job. And idiots on here want them all gone.

Keyboard warriors.

MC your worst fears are keeping you awake at night. The membership and thankfully a very large percentage of relatively new employees have rejected your threats and intimdation. Your lapdog president and GC are disgraced and no longer command the respect or loyalty of the members. They are therefore ideal candidates for 3rd floor FOP jobs and are probably calling in your promises today. Monday sees you at a 10 am meeting called by RH ( who flew back from London ) where you will either be given your marching orders and thrown back to line operations ( God help you there ) or you will be told to brace yourself for years more of struggle. Is it really worth that to you. Your extra 20% buys your contempt and distrust by every pilot in the company. Your third floor desk a tombstone to your career. Your're finished and you don't even know it.
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