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Originally Posted by Flap 80 View Post
Council Van & SND
Exactly the point Iím making.The PA46 flight was not a one off.
Look at the September 2018 newsletter for the Jersey Aero Club.They had a presence at Air Expo 2018, look what they say about Wingly, ď itís basic principle is to unite Pilots with people who wish to travel and the conveyance of Cats and DogsĒ
Please donít suggest that this is done for free.
The tip of the iceberg has started to melt.
Check my earlier posts on this thread, and others about cost sharing. Illegal Public Transport has always gone on, The relaxation of rules around cost sharing has created a worse situation. These pilots and aircraft operators are criminals and should be treated as such,. A view I'll share with the CAA on Monday when I start a three day programme of training with them

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