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Originally Posted by Above The Clouds View Post
Were have I tarred him with a zero brush ?
I didn't say you had......... it was a generalisation that if he had got Sala to Cardiff everyone would have saying what a great guy Dave Ibbotson was......because he failed to get him there, they are all slagging him off.

The people who should be getting slagged off are those who put Dave Ibbotson into this untenable situation, if he thought he was flying in daylight he was going to be operating within his capabilities, as soon as it became a night flight he was outside his legal capabilities but he foolishly took a chance.....now if the organisers knew he was a DAY VFR only pilot I would hope they get a deserving punishment for having such a blatant disregard for his wellbeing, the same has to be said for putting anyone in a situation where they have put their trust in an organiser to get them somewhere by reliable means.
It makes no diference if the passenger is the School Janitor or a 15m Footballer, their life has the same value to their loved ones.

Dave Ibbotson's family will have to pick up the pieces & I feel really sorry for them, the organisers of the flight will have to be held responsible for their part in all this & if all the journalist content from the McKays is all factual I would hope it puts an end to his unsavoury antics.... If Football club owners are reading the remarks from Willie McKay I would hope they cease dealings with him as his remarks highlight he only see's their transfers as his ' easy money '
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