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I feel desperately sorry for the family of Dave Ibbotson who must have had no idea that he was putting himself into such danger. Because everybody is trying to pass the blame to someone else, we are probably seeing things that we shouldn’t. We know from the emails released that it was always planned to be a night flight so somebody has got Dave Ibbotson there by telling him or letting him believe that it was a daytime flight, knowing all along that it would be a nightime flight that he did not have the skills to undertake. It was so dangerous and so reckless. Yes, Dave Ibbotson should have said no but he probably spent the day wondering how to get out of it and I wonder if the reported RTOs were Dave Ibbotson knowing that he really wasn’t equipped to do it. If he had have survived as far as Cardiff, what were his chances if it was his first time ILS at night? In that weather?

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